Our mission is to find those in need of education about nutrition and exercise and to then educate them on the specifics of different foods, impact of diet on your physical well being, training methods to achieve different goals, cooking and preparing meals, and supplementation. After working with us, our clients will be able to confidently execute nutrition and exercise programs on a daily basis without the assistance of a professional.



Morgan’s 35lb weight loss (so far) on a Vegetarian diet!
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I decided I needed to c­hange my life style about 7 months ago, which is when I contacted Chelsey. I used to work out and follow a meal plan and I was in decent shape but I turned 21 and really let myself go. It was about two years since I had really dedicated any time to working out. I realized in July of 2014 that I needed to change. I wasn’t happy at all with how I looked and how I felt, I became a very anxious person and I didn’t want to do anything but be alone.  It made me really nervous to contact someone because of how far I had let myself go.

I finally decided to contact Chelsey and it was the best decision I could have ever made. Not only did she help me reach my goals of becoming more confident in myself, but she became one of my closest friends! I follow a meal plan and a workout plan through Chelsey; I also go to the classes she teaches and train one on one with her. I have had meal plans in the past, but Chelsey has really allowed me to eat healthy, but also eat things that I would want to eat and not get annoyed with easily (meaning she doesn’t force me to eat meat that I don’t like which helps a ton!). Every meal plan I’ve had from her has been completely different from the one before and if there is something on a plan that I just can’t stomach, she will work one on one with me and help me figure out something else to eat.

When I started training with Chelsey, I would see her one on one twice a week and then workout at home because I had no confidence in working out with anyone but myself and my trainer. After a couple of months I started working out in small groups, and now that’s basically all I do. I have never felt better about myself and I know I can keep going and reach my end goals. There have been times where I have had a rough couple of days and I always contact Chelsey when that’s happening because she’s there to be an honest and true friend/coach. I just wanted to start living a better life and now I can do that!

If you would have asked me last summer if I thought I would be down 35 pounds and 4 sizes, I would had said you were absolutely insane. I am more confident in myself then I have ever been, I have more energy and I love where my life is going. It’s wonderful for people to be interested in my journey and support me. It’s so flattering when people that I know or don’t know congratulate me, and ask me questions about my journey. I have changed my life for the better and I couldn’t have done it without Chelsey and my new lifestyle.

Morgan and her fight to recover from an Eating Disorder

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Growing up I had major weight issues from being overweight to being diagnosed with an eating disorder in 2009. What I suffered with was mentally, physically and emotionally draining. I moved out of my parents house and got an apartment with a friend after High School in 2010. The anorexia turned into binge eating and eventually just got way out of hand. I was in school full time, working full time, and trying to live the social life of a college student. Due to the crap I was putting into my body, the lack of sleep, the amount of stress, I went from an all time low of 80lbs to nearly 150lbs in the matter of one year. I knew I needed a change regarding my health. I would get on the elliptical for an hour a few times a week, I started eating what I thought was “healthier” and although I felt a little better there was nothing changing. In 2013 I started researching different diets and began the p90x program. I was finally loosing that stubborn weight that I had put on after High School, but I was loosing it by doing excessive amounts of cardio. I was so intimidated by lifting weights at the gym. I just had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

The beginning of 2014 I had a few friends sign up with Chelsey Walton to receive competitor plans. I knew Chelsey had a passion for fitness and nutrition so I decided to reach out for a basic plans just to get in a healthy routine with the support of a coach. I went to one of Chelsey’s bootcamps after being on her plan for a couple of weeks and was so surprised of how much I enjoyed doing something other than excessive cardio. I had let Chelsey know of my past and that I needed someone to monitor over me. She did beyond that. She was so supportive, motivating, and truly cared about the positive changes I was making to my body. I decided to prep for my first NPC show and with the help of Chelsey I not only learned how to use gym equipment properly, a good routine with workouts and proper nutrition, I was the healthiest I had ever been at the end of those 12 weeks. I ended up in first call outs but placing 6th for my first competition in May of 2014. I did another post show prep with Chelsey for two more weeks and competed at the Northcoast Championships where I placed 2nd and am now a nationally qualified bikini competitor! I’m so thankful for everything Chelsey has done for me. Without her I could still be suffering the up and down roller coaster of an eating disorder that I had. She’s taught me so much about not only the sport and living a healthy lifestyle, but she’s taught me about myself. I’m so much more confident, healthy and happy thanks to time spent prepping with Chelsey Walton. I really wouldn’t be the athlete that I am today without her encouragement and support.



Sam- If you don’t think you have time then you don’t want it bad enough!



In February 2013, I got pregnant and attempted to keep up with an exercise program for about ¾ of my pregnancy. However, towards the end I got lazy, ate everything and slept all of the time. I put on about 40 lbs. during my pregnancy and lost almost all of my muscle. After I had my daughter, I hated the way I looked. I began a low carb crash diet, and started doing tons of cardio. I was lifting only 2-3 times a week and began taking fat burners as well. I lost the excess weight fairly quickly, but was “soft” and still unhappy with the way I looked (especially in a bikini). It was then that I decided I needed a trainer and wanted to find one who would mold me into a bikini competitor.

My daughter was about 6 months when I came across the Find Your Strong team on Instagram. I kept looking at all the transformations and decided that was the team for me! It was that same day that Brittany Brinkman and I started emailing back and forth about what steps I needed to take in order to become a member of the team. Shortly after, I had my first nutrition/fitness plan. My first plan lasted 6 weeks and I am currently on my second, with intentions on competing in Spring of 2015.

If you’re thinking you don’t have time to make it to the gym or eat the way you should, then you don’t want the results badly enough. I currently have a 9 month old, two jobs, will be starting back to school this fall and am still finding time to get my workouts in and eat right. I’ve found that if you prep your food weekly, it’s so much easier to stay on track with your diet as well as plan your workouts in advance. It’s certainly not easy, but I’d rather be at the gym busting my booty on a Friday night than out at the bar or sitting on the couch watching television, stuffing my face.

These coaches know exactly what they’re doing and if you listen and put in the work you will see the results, as well as learn in the process! I’m so thankful to be part of such a great team and can’t wait to see what package I am able to bring to stage in the Spring!”

Meet Lindsey!

This is her story:

I have been a competitive athlete my entire life, I was used to eating junk food throughout the day, knowing I would just burn it all off at practice a few hours later.  However, it took me eight months after college graduation to realize how unhealthy and out of shape I had let myself get.  The more I ignored it, the more out of hand my weight became.

In January of 2013, I looked in the mirror, with my self esteem at its all time low and weight at its record high, and I decided to do something about it. I contacted Chelsey Walton, knowing she was into fitness her entire life, praying she would help me get back into my athletic shape.  Chelsey started me off with the 24 day Challenge through Advocare, where I easily shed 15 pounds after weighing in at 167 lbs.  From then on, my healthy lifestyle change become somewhat of an addiction.  I loved seeing that scale’s number decrease more and more; I had taken control again.  Once I began fitting into old high school jeans, I became more motivated and figured I’d push myself to the next level.  A NPC bikini competition.

On September 14th 2013, I stepped out on that competition stage in front of an auditorium full of people critiquing my body for the first time.  I can’t believe I actually did it! Of course I was terrified but it was one of the biggest adrenaline rushes I’ve ever experienced and I cannot wait to go through it all again in March when I compete at the Lakewood show in Cleveland, OH.

I never thought I would be where I am today. Not in a million years.  My healthy life style change and competing has changed my life for the better.  Not only have I gained better knowledge about what I put in my body but It has brought the most amazing and positive people into my life. I can honestly say I am the happiest I have ever been and surrounded by the best group of girls that I get to share my crazy journey with.  I also get the pleasure to share my journey with complete strangers, who tell me everyday I have inspired them to work harder and be healthier.  There is no better feeling in the world knowing you helped change someones life. Just like Chelsey changed mine!

Brittanys Fitness journey: Learning how to fuel her body properly
Lindsey’s journey losing weight and finding her passion for fitness



I have always been a fairly health conscious person. I did sports throughout middle and high school and always considered myself “healthy”. Rewind to 1998 when I decided at the young age of 8 that I would become a vegetarian. For the next 15 years I did not have a single bite of meat. Although it is possible to sustain a healthy lifestyle as a vegetarian, I was not supplementing correctly and my body began to feel the consequences. I developed arthritis in my knees, had terrible headaches, gained weight, felt lethargic and weak and was having a lot of digestive issues. When I look back at my diet, I was eating A TON of processed junk, extremely high in carbs and artificial sugars and some days I would only be getting 15 grams of protein! I was working out (mainly cardio) but continued to eat terribly so I decided to contact Chelsey for help with my diet and fitness goals. I told her I eventually wanted to compete in a fitness competition and Chelsey hopped on board without hesitation and made me believe in myself and my goals.
Upon starting with Chelsey, she gave me a vegetarian diet plan that dramatically increased my grams of protein. I was eating more nutritionally dense foods and I started to look and feel much better. Chelsey also helped me work on a lot of the psychological food issues that I had. In the spring of 2013 I tried fish for the first time in my life and am now eating fish everyday. I am no longer concerned with counting calories and I just eat foods that are going to fuel my body and my workouts. To this day, I still weigh almost the same as I did in my before pictures but I have completely changed the structure of my body.
I continued to follow her diet and fitness plans and I started gaining muscle, losing fat and eating more calories than I ever had before. I noticed my knees and shoulders weren’t hurting, my headaches became less frequent and I had a lot more energy. I starting gaining confidence and decided to sign up for my first NPC bikini competition that was scheduled for September 14, 2013. I took the stage with my teammates and ended up placing second in my class! To this day, it is hard for me to describe the feeling of being on stage in front of so many people. I felt so accomplished and I had come so far physically and mentally. I was an entirely different person than I was that day I first contacted Chelsey.
I am so thankful for Chelsey and the faith that she had in me from day 1. She respected my diet needs but always continued to push me further. I now consider her not only a great coach, but a close friend of mine. I hope that others who see my story push themselves outside of their comfort zone and attempt something that they never thought possible. When I look back at the changes I’ve made in the last year, it makes me so excited to see what’s in store for 2014.  I am now prepping to compete in The Arnold Classic this February. I never thought that I would have opportunity to participate in such a big show but I know that with the support of coach and my team that I can accomplish anything 🙂