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Join this Month’s Transformation Challenge!

The challenge winner will win a months worth of diet and exercise plans plus free enrollment!


Start your Day 1 of the 24 Day Challenge sometime between March 1st and March 10th
✅ AFTER COMPLETING YOUR 24 DAY CHALLENGE: This is what you’ll do –
Take your Final Assessment Measurements, and after pics.
Submit your results to me before the deadline of Tuesday April 1st.

I provide:
For more info contact me by clicking on the contact section of this website.

How to order 24 day challenge?
Steps to order:
Here is the link for the 24 day challenge-

1. Select an MNS (3, C, E)

I suggest MNS 3 to most people because it is a comprehensive weight loss nutrition system and it’s a good one to start out with. I only suggest MNS E to people that don’t need to lose weight but just tone up and increase their energy and MNS C to people that need appetite control.

MNS 3- Weight loss and comprehensive nutrition
MNS E- Energy and comprehensive nutrition
MNS C- Appetite control, weight loss, and comprehensive nutrition

2. Select a shake flavor- They are all good but Chocolate Mocha is my personal favorite. If you are vegan/vegetarian select Dark Chocolate and make sure to let me know because your meal plan will be different when I send you the diet info.

3. If you want to add products- I strongly suggest Catalyst because of its BCAA for added lean/toned look. I also like Carb-ease for my cheat days. I suggest thermoplus to people trying to increase their metabolism (specifically people over 30 years old). Or if you do the MNS C I suggest coupling it with fibotrim to help increase satiety. I suggest slams to people doing MNS E because it will help increase your energy. I have tried most of their products and love mostly everything. You can find everything under the tabs to the left (well, trim, active).

You do not have to add extra stuff. Sometimes it is good just to start with the basics and add stuff in if you want better results later on.

4. Check out
-After you have selected everything. Go to check out at the top and click “checkout”. Then on the right it says create new customer. That is where you fill out all your shipping and billing information. Make sure it says Chelsey Walton as the distributor. If it says someone else’s name contact me and I will talk you through changing it.

**If you want to get an extra 20% off ask me about becoming a distributor (you don’t have to sell anything if you want to just take advantage of the 20% off- hey why not?)

5. Diet information-I will send you all the diet information, guides, and explanations once I see your purchase so make sure you put in the email that you want me to contact you through. Then if you have any questions you have my email and number to contact me!

6. Fitness plans– Fitness assessments are discounted to $50.00 for anyone doing the 24 day challenge.
24 day challenge diet plans and guides- free with purchase
24 day challenge fitness plan assessment- $50.00 for initial assessment
After 24 day challenge nutrition assessment- $75.00 initial assessment
Any questions? Let me know!

Go to this link – https://www.advocare.com/120215877/Store/ItemDetail.aspx?itemCode=99050&id=A&flavor=b

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