The Benefits of a French Lifestyle

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The Benefits of a French Lifestyle


One of the things I realized this past spring while visiting France is that everyone there is so thin! Everywhere we walked we didn’t see any overweight people, unless they were tourists—a.k.a. Americans. This really made me start thinking about their culture and their eating habits.



The obvious difference is their portion sizes. They have much smaller portions than ours, but that’s not a surprise to anyone. We all know we love to supersize everything in America. Also, they consume more produce then we do & their food isn’t as processed as ours. The French serve every meal with fresh bread and you get cane sure with your coffee- not Splenda. We preach in America to stay away from white bread and white sugar. So what are we doing wrong? They also drink a lot more alcohol than we do but mostly in the form of wine… Not your typical tall American pint of beer.

So what can we all take from this? Drink more and eat more bread? Sign me up! Ha. I believe it’s more that:

  • They take time to enjoy their meals.

  • Stop when they are full.

  • Enjoy fresh food and avoid processed foods.

  • Not so much focusing on eating those “low calories” foods but instead focus more on enjoying smaller portions of the “guilty pleasure” foods we can’t live without.

This also goes along with the Bikini Bible Program that I just launched this year. It teaches you to eat whatever you want but follow specific macronutrients that are set for you personally. We need to learn to stop DIETING and learn how to change your lifestyle for the better to achieve results you desire. You can find more info under “Bikini Bible” and under “shop- Bikini Bible.”

One thing I have been trying to incorporate more since traveling back home is walking more. It’s easy to jump in the car and drive to run errands but trying to instead walk to the grocery store and carry your groceries home or walk around the corner to get your dry cleaning, etc. We tend to live the sedentary lifestyle so it’s hard to break that mold. I find walking really peaceful and a great way to clear your mind. I challenge you to walk 3 times this week! Its summer– so you really have no excuse.

One thing I regret is not having time to take a cooking class while I was there. Although, we did stay at a cute little bed & breakfast in Vouvrey, France and we learned how to make yogurt! Not gonna lie, for some reason I don’t love the texture of Americanized yogurt. Of course this cute little lady that ran the B&B made hers from scratch and we were absolutely obsessed with it. So of course I had to buy a yogurt maker and try to recreate her recipe. The key to this is buying FRESH milk though. She went to the farm and made it fresh every day. If you are dairy free then you can find tons of almond milk recipes online for the yogurt maker. It will change your life!


Fresh Yogurt


6 cups of whole fresh milk- I found a local milk at whole foods
1/3 cup instant powdered milk
3 tbsp of honey
1 tbsp vanilla
1 carton of yogurt



milk powder

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  1. First bring the 6 cups of fresh milk to a boil.

  2. Remove from heat and let it cool to room temp.

  3. Whisk in rest of ingredients.

  4. Fill yogurt cups and keep the lids REMOVED.

  5. Place jars in yogurt maker (with no lids on) and put the lid on the yogurt maker.

  6. Turn on and cook for 8 hours. I always cook it overnight.

  7. Removed jars when finished, cap them and place in Fridge. After about three hours the yogurt will be ready to eat.

  8. Add berries or fruit to sweeten!

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