Healthy Trail Mix

Posted on May 9, 2016 in BLOG, RECIPES
Healthy Trail Mix

Trail Mix is a great healthy snack on the go. You can make it and portion it out in small snack baggies so you can grab it and hit the road. The only downside to this snack is that the calories can add up quick. I DO NOT recommend sitting down with a bag of trail mix because a couple hand fulls and you are way over your calorie budget for the day. You’ve been warned 😉

My Recipe:


Pick 1-2 of your favorite raw nuts- I like almonds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds

Sweeten it up with some dried fruit– I like dried cherries, cranberries, or apricots

Add some crunch- Died coconut, cereal, coconut flakes

Your guilty pleasure– mini chocolate chips, dark chocolate chunks, cocoa nips


Now baggie and you are done…and of course hide them from your kids and man child. Jk jk they can have some too. Make enough for everyone!


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